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The reason traditional tobacco is so great that It had that classic taste from the roots of the plant. This taste is the main reason many people got hooked.

With e-liquid on the other hand, you have to deal with weird unimpressive tastes that you just want to go back to the real tobacco plants. Nevertheless, all this was before Black Note e-liquid. Black not has become the high-end, e-liquid 100% tobacco quality producers in the country. They offer you only eight flavors with which you are guaranteed to get the taste and flavor from different leaves. Now, you no longer have to deal with low quality just because it is cheap.

Buying the Black Note e-juice guarantees that you are spending your money on quality and will be getting the original tobacco flavor. You are also offered five nicotine levels which include 0, 6, 12, 18 and the 24mg/ ml. the only problem is that you get 50/ 50 PG/ VG ratios which most users would love to have more PG levels but it is nothing one can really complain about. The Black Note e-liquids have amazing vapor production with a throat- hit all round taste which every smoker appreciates.

Looking at the many flavors offered, it is difficult to state with certainty, which one is your favorite given that all of them have a very well captured flavor with the best and most authentic tobacco taste in the market today.

For a more comprehensive analysis of Black Note, check out this in-depth review of Black Note e-liquid posted by a third party site.

The packaging is very classy and sophisticated such that even having the bottles of vape delivered to you makes you feel proud to be part of the community of people who enjoy this high end product. You also get glass, child- proof bottles with the number of your order on them.

Other than the fast, 3- 4 business days free shipping, customers also get to enjoy Black Note e-liquid discounts. You also get a free bottle of vape for returning 5 bottles.