Interesting Facts about the Cost of E-cigs Compared to Nicotine Gums and Patches

For most smokers who wanted to put an end to their tobacco smoking habit, the idea of quitting smoking could mean the use of OTC nicotine replacement products or switching to electronic cigarettes However, it is still not quite clear for some which option is the best and the most effective. For instance, nicotine patches and gums provide you the amount of nicotine that you want in a form not involving smoke, and some people assume that they are much safer than e-cigs for a number of reasons.

cost-of-e-cigsThe FDA supports these medicines more as better means of quitting smoking, but they provide nu support for electronic cigarettes. In addition, there are criticisms in the use of electronic cigarettes, and some people assume that these devices come with serious health risks. Some people also question the effectiveness of these devices in making people quit. Certain organizations are more confident about the efficacy of patches and gums while e-cig manufacturers are typically smaller operations that also claim the high success rate offered by e-cigs.

Cost of E-Cigs Compared to Nicotine Gums and Patches

For most smokers who consumer about 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes daily, a treatment period of six weeks using nicotine patches may cost about $80 to $163 while gum can come with a price of $92 to $197. This amount may be averaged to nearly $120 for nicotine patches while gums may have a price of $145. It is important to note that the figure is likely to increase since medications are used for a longer period or a maximum of 20 weeks. Thus, this translates that for a much cheaper treatment, the use of patches will lead to a spending of about $360.

On the other hand, electronic cigarette starter kits only cost at least $60, and there may be cheaper brands of e-cigs that can further increase your savings. In fact, you can purchase 36 ml of e-liquid at a cheap price of $15, which means for about 6 weeks of using patches, you can buy an e-cig starter kit and at least 144 ml of e-liquid. If you prefer to use a more accurate period of about 18 weeks for the price of gums and patches, you could buy high-end electronic cigarettes, a large supply of electronic liquid and a tank at a cheaper price. Indeed, electronic cigarettes are more cost-effective than gums and patches, yet the choice between these two smoking cessation methods is simpler when you take into consideration the efficacy of these two approaches.

How Effective are These Techniques

When nicotine patches and gums were made available over the counter, there were more accurate studies that were made to prove the safety and effectiveness of these methods. In one research in 2003, only 7 percent of smokers who used OTC patches and gums remained abstinent from tobacco cigarettes for more than six months. In the British Medical Journal, an article was published and this reviewed a wide range of clinical trial of different nicotine replacement therapies (NRT).

Researchers found the same rate of 6.75 percent of individuals using NRT were able to remain abstinent from tobacco cigarettes for 6 months. Several explanations of these differences between initial and later studies were suggested, and these included selective recruitment of the participants and unrealistic levels of further support given to them. hence, highly positive effects from these methods hardly occur, and they only reflect a growing interest in marketing NRT products.

In another piece of research conducted in the 90s, this proved that although more than 50 percent more regular smokers used different NRT products from 1992 to 1999, long-term success rates did not increase significantly. While these methods aided short term attempts to quit, those who used OTC smoking aids hardly increased the chances of abstaining on a long-term basis. One reason for this was the fact that in these industry-funded trials and research, 20 percent of individuals in the study obtained counselling. Furthermore, since these products were not given for free, most people hardly used it for the required amount of time.

Bottom Line

By taking into consideration the remarkable benefits and effects of using electronic cigarettes and nicotine patches, it is safe to say that e-cigs are more economical to use. Not only are these smoking devices easier on the budget, but they are also much safer and more effective to use than other smoking cessation methods available in the market.

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