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NicQuid is e-liquid company that is stated in the U.S. Their slogan is “Dripping With Flavor”, and it describes them so very well. They have classified their flavors into four B’s: Blast Fruits, Burst Menthols, Bliss Desserts and Blend Tobaccos.

When all of these flavors are counted together, you can choose between astonishing 41 flavor, and this makes NicQuid easily an e-liquid company with most flavors to offer.

Also, NicQuid company offers free shipping for all orders above $100, but unfortunately, this only applies to U.S. market. NicQuid is founder of AEMSA – manufacturers’ trade association that is dedicated to improve the business. Note that it is an all-volunteer organization, and anyone who want to join, can join.

Despite the fact that they have an incredible number of flavors, they firmly state that they won’t be rushing to introduce new flavors just to increase their catalog. If you can’t determine which flavor you want to try you can always turn to sampler pack. It includes three flavors of your own choice, and you can also choose the Nicotine strength you want.

NicQuid facilites are based in the U.S. and the e-liquid material consists of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Blend ratio is considered to be a secret, and they don’t share any information about it on their official website. However, they say that the e-liquid material is specially designed to deliver taste-transparent vapor that goes just fine down your throat and can be used with most standard tanks and cartomizers.

The percentage of nicotin can either be 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, or 2.4%. Company often promotes “steep time” – it enables consistency and makes sure that e-liquid is ready to use when it comes to you. Also, it ensures that your liquid is as fresh as the first day when it’s made.

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