Vapor4Life Dial-A-Volt Review

In this Vapor4Life Dial-A-Volt review, you will learn about the variable voltage device, to determine if it is a good fit for you when you are deciding on a new starter kit for your vaping experience. The latest technologies have gone into this kit, meaning you can experience longer lasting, smoother, and cleaner tasting vaping, each time you smoke the e cig.

Highest quality battery –
The dial-a-volt battery, employs only the latest technologies that have gone into designing e cigs. This means that everything from the design of the battery, to the wires, switches, stainless steel body, and the smooth exterior, are all going to work together, to ensure the best taste, and the longest lasting vaping experience possible. Plus, you can choose from black, blue, green and magenta, which allows you to further create a custom vaping and e cig smoking experience, when you select this as your starter kit.

Longer lasting design –
This kit is specifically designed for individuals who are used to the stick battery design, and are looking for a battery that is going to produce the max amount of vapor. Not only will the battery do that, it is also going to last longer than the traditional battery that you are used to; the lowest volt battery will last for at least 4 to 6 hours, when it is fully charged.

Auto or manual kit –
Whether you decide to order the auto battery, which will switch on, on its own, or the manual, which requires you to turn the switch in order for it to start, there are a few items you are going to receive with either of these kits. Customers are going to receive the: dial-a-volt battery, the slim design wall charger, 2 small smileomizers (for the smaller battery size), a dual coil tank, the sampler WOW juices, and a 30 ml bottle juice.

Custom order –
The ordering process is even customized. When you are placing the order online for this kit, you will select all the product process. You will select the battery color, then the size (small, medium, or large). Once that is selected, you are prompted to decide on the flavor of the juices and e liquids that you are most going to enjoy. In the third step of the order process, you are going to select the cartomizer style, and the smileomizer, which is going to fit in best with the battery of choice.

Not only is it a fully custom ordering process, but with the dial-a-volt battery, you can experience a longer lasting battery power, and smoother vaping experience with each puff of the e cig that you take. Not only can you select the flavors that you want to enjoy, you are also going to be able to select the colors you like best. The long lasting, slim design, is ideal for those who like the traditional stick battery, and want something that is designed to last for longer hours of use, and the smoothest vaping experience with your favorite flavor blends.